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Sustainability is our way of living, we are always looking for new and better ways to minimize our impact on the environment. Our B&B, which is build in 1892, is like a little museum and has a beautiful garden.

If you really need the quietness to refill your own battery, our place gives it all.

No need to look for ‘what to do’ just be in the moment in nature, enjoying the sound of the birds and the beautiful garden. You can walk to a hiking trail nearby in the woods.

All our guests are able to use the B&B-kitchen for your lunch and dinner if you would like.

We are famous because of our excellent breakfast: every morning all is fresh made, mostly from our own garden.

Here are some of the ways in which we are working with sustainability:


- fruit and vegetables from our own garden

- eggs from our own chickens

- natural wake up call from our rooster

- we bake our own bread with ancient grains and sourdough

- we have our own bees, and so our own honey

- our bees pollinating our fruit trees and berry bushes

- what we do not have in our own garden, we shop locally

- our organic waste we collect in our compost pile, which we use for our vegetable garden

- we use water from our own well

- we sort our waste, from paper, plastic, glass, metal etc.

- we promote our local shops and restaurants to our guests

- on our property we have our own yoga studio, open the whole summer for our B&B guests

- our Ottomania bed linen and towels are handwoven from natural cotton

- our toilet paper is made of recycled paper

-. we have a minimum stay of 2 nights

- we do our own laundry, and dry the laundry outside in the fresh air

- we are closed in wintertime to avoid unnecessary energy consumption

- nearby you can find midget golf, golf, paddle and canoeing, and the most beautiful sunset at lake Vänern

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